We arrived at Phuket airport at 8PM.

After a long 9 hour flight from Sydney with Jetstar (NOT GOOD!) We were eager to get to our accommodation asap with as little stress as possible.

Leaving the airport terminal we were hit with the usual Asian 1000% humidity. And a barrage of seemingly friendly (but pushy) tuk-tuk drivers wanting to give us a ride. We waved them all away and proceeded to one of the many stands offering pre paid, non-negotiable taxi and mini bus rides.

The Options

Our accommodation was located in Patong beach, this about a 45 minutes to an hours drive from the airport, so we had two choices;

  • Private taxi – 800 Baht
  • Shared minibus – 180 Baht per person

We opted for the minibus, but after 10 minutes of doing so we had regrets.

The minibuses don’t leave the airport till they are full and by full, I mean FULL! As many weary travellers they can squeeze on, plus all that baggage too.

So we ended up waiting outside the airport for roughly 45 minutes as our sad disheveled looking gang of travellers grew slowly (this is where the regrets took place) and slowly till we hit full capacity. Hooray, time to go! Sadly, I drew the short straw, back seat, with the luggage.


We were on the road and all was good, then 10 minutes in we stopped and had to exit the bus. We were directed into a room where we had to show our tickets and also where we were staying. This is so they can let the driver know where we want dropping off.

This was a pleasant surprise!

It would have been much nicer if we could have done this before cramming into the bus the first time, but getting dropped off right outside our hotel was a relief. Carly and I were under the impression we were going to be kicked out in the middle of Patong at a bus station and left to our own devices.

The regrets faded.

Onwards To Patong

The rest of journey was good, a little bit squished, but pleasant. At half the price of a private taxi the air-conditioned minibus going right to the door of our hotel was all you could wish for after a long flight.

The driver was a little confused at our hotel choice after a Thai couple left the bus and he started driving off before we could exit too.

“Cheap hotel! Not yours, next one, next one.” He said.

I had to show him the address on my phone to reassure him he wasn’t letting us off too early.

Poor guy, he really did underestimate how budget we travel.

I’m sitting in this hotel room right now writing this, it has air-con, fridge, balcony, private bathroom.

What more could you want?

It’s luxury!



The same can’t be said about Patong Beach itself, Our Thoughts here.




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