We arrived in Phuket and headed straight to Patong beach.

We Planned a 5 night stay but we only managed 4. And that 4 was a struggle, if we hadn’t booked our accommodation in advance and we able to get a refund I’m pretty sure we would have left after the first night.

patong beach

Patong, and from what I can gather, Phuket is the package holiday of Thailand. Not our thing at all.

The place is full of 1 week holidaying tourists. Everything is over-priced and all the things that make Thailand so special are completely absent and replaced with an easy to swallow, watered down Thai experience.

The sleaze is strong in Patong.

Bangla Road

The ‘famous’ Bangla road is not a good night out. If you can handle the non-stop hustling of people trying to sell you anything they can and enticing you into their ping-pong shows all you’re left with is ‘go-go bars’ with seemingly disinterested Thai girls dancing on poles whilst being ogled and touched by old white males.

If you’re not into the sex industry side of Thailand, it really is a depressing place.

The Beaches in the area aren’t all that bad, but when take into account the constant selling and the sheer amount of people crowded onto them those too were a no go for us. No we don’t want a jet ski, and we definitely don’t want a sexy massage!

When we travel we tend to rent motorbikes, but in Phuket this didn’t seam like a great idea. Busses and trucks crowd the roads, Not a nice relaxing ride.

The only other option is the tuk tuk drivers. They are really expensive and have the pushiest drivers I have ever experienced, definitely try to avoid them!

So, in all honestly, I actually hate Patong beach. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to spend anytime here.

It’s dirty, its expensive and it’s just not Thailand.

Instead of Phuket, we highly recommend a trip across the Water to Krabi instead!







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