So we left Phuket and headed to the Phi Phi Islands. We Jumped on a ferry from Phuket town and it cost us 300 Baht per person, not bad!

Initially we didn’t plan on visiting Phi Phi, but after hearing that a friend Carly and I did our Australian farm work was there working how could we not!

Initial Thoughts

Phi Phi is different from most Thai islands, first thing you’ll notice is there’s no roads, which means no traffic! After 4 days in Phuket this was really nice.

On the other hand it’s very westernised, from the food, to the bars. Literally everyone on the island is a young western backpacker looking to party. This isn’t really our thing, but hey, it’s one night. When in Rome!

koh phi phi don

Island Hopping

As you may know Phi Phi is the gateway to many other islands, with island hopping tours advertised everywhere (bear in mind not cheaply). With the main point of interest being the all time favourite backpacking destination, Maya Bay on Ko Phi Phi Lee. You know, the beach from the film ‘The Beach’ with Leonardo DiCaprio, I know you know the one.

Carly and I skipped the tour.

We were only on the island for one night and had to be in Krabi the next day and were here to see Marie, so maybe next time.

From what I’ve heard from fellow blogs and travellers the tour is only good if you get out there super early in the morning, otherwise you’re met with a horde of people spoiling that exotic beach paradise you were looking for. I mean it’s hard to pretend you’re Leo and his ragtag bunch of hippies when there’s literally another thousand people doing the same. So I don’t know, I’ll let you make that decision.

The Verdict

All in all our 1 day on the island was nice, it was great to see a familiar face and catch up, and with all the bars and generally super laid back vibe on the island it was good to kick back after the hecticness of Patong in Phuket.

Saying that, personally any longer than a couple of days on the island for me would be too much, I couldn’t stay and earn my stripes. Backpackers like to stay on Phi Phi long enough to be worthy of getting there stripes tattoo (the film again).

Phi Phi is expensive, like 3 times more expensive than where I am writing this in Krabi town. Even a bottle of water in a 7/11 is more expensive on Phi Phi! It’s geared up for tourism, and pitched to westerners, which for me is a shame.

The never-ending bars, tattoo shops, tour agencies and burger shops would get old for me. But hey, that wouldn’t stop me going back, and neither should it stop you.

It’s hard to beat the beach bum vibe and beautiful beach and jungle colliding landscapes of Phi Phi.

It’s a must stop place if you’re island hopping around Thailand!


If you’ve done the Maya Bay tour, or any others from the island, please let me know how it was in the comments!




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