As a westerner travelling around Thailand there’s a few things I start to miss, one of them being a good coffee, and the other being cheese! So the 7/11 toastie is a life saver!

I love Thai food, I could, and often do eat it all day every day. But every now and then a little western treat is much appreciated.

Thai people aren’t very good at doing western food, the burgers, chips and pizzas, for me, just aren’t up to scratch. They’re double if not more expensive than a local dish and about half as good.

Here’s where 7/11 comes in.


As you may know 7/11’s a literally everywhere in Thailand, on every street you’ll find one, maybe a few.

And the best thing about them is their huge assortment of cheap takeaway food that they’ll warm up for you, our favourite being the cheese toastie!

You can get all kinds of fillings, and from the ones I’ve tried, they’re all great!

They cost 25 baht, 27 baht if you want the croissant bread (which you definitely do want!).

So if you want to treat yourself on your travels, tuck in to the famous 7/11 ham and cheese toastie.

It’s a western backpackers staple food for breakfasts and late night drunken snacks.

A true all-rounder and a diamond in the rough.

If you haven’t already, be sure to try one on your next adventure!


Have you had one? I’m sure you have. I haven’t met a western traveller yet that hasn’t at least tried the famous 7/11 toastie!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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