Bangkok is a big city. There’s so much to do, and so much to see it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. So here’s an overview of the easiest way of getting around Bangkok.

One thing you will notice straight away is congestion. From people to traffic the whole place is packed full to bursting point. It’s chaotic, hectic and sometimes stressful. But that’s what we like about bangkok.

Luckily for you the public transport in the capital is good, way better than most other major south East Asian cities. There’s many options to get around, and in this post we’ll talk about our favourites.

BTS Skytrain

The BTS system is an over-land almost monorail style train that runs in the centre of the city.

Our accommodation in Sathorn was less than 100m from Sapham taksin station so this was our number 1 form of getting around. The BTS is super cheap and easy to catch, a trip across town costs roughy 40 baht. It’s a great way to beat that infamous Bangkok traffic.

But be warned, like any transport in a big city, come rush hour it’s packed! Not just London underground packed, Bangkok packed!

getting around bangkok

The Express Boat

Again Sathorn area of the city is great for getting around. The sapham Taksin BTS station is right next to the main central pier on th chap long river.

Here you can catch a boat ride for only 15 baht!

It’s not the quickest form of transport, to Khao San Road takes about 40 minutes from Sathorn. But the price and the sight seeing opportunities make it so worth it.

getting around bangkok

We used the boat to visit all kinds of places like Chinatown, the grand palace, wat Arun and Khao San Road. All the sights just a short walk from one of the many piers along the river.

It really is the most fun and a really convenient way to get around bangkok.

My tip being avoid the hop on hop off tourist ferry.

I think they charge 140 baht for the day, At 15 baht per journey on the normal express boat you’d have to use it a lot to make the tourist boat worth it.


Grab is the Asian Uber, it’s much bigger than Uber over here and very popular.

When using it you can request everything from a motorbike, taxi, and even big 8 seater vans. Unlike Uber you also have the option to pay in cash if you want.

It’s cheap, convenient and widely available. A much better option than haggling with tuk tuk drivers in my opinion!


The gold old metered taxi. After my time on the islands of Thailand, taxis and tuk tuks have always felt like a no go. I’d prefer the song t

But Bangkok, taxis are cheap!

Like really cheap!

And you don’t have to fight with them to much to use the meter like other places.


And thats It!

Those are our recommended ways of getting around Bangkok!


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    1. Ah amazing! You’ll love it, it’s crazy haha.

      My one biggest tip is, don’t get stuck on Khao San road. It’s worth going for a night, but so many people spend their whole time in Bangkok there. The city is huge and has so much to offer if you branch out and explore!

      Enjoy your trip 🙂

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