Chiang Mai has over 300 hundred buddhist temples (Wat in Thai), many of them being within the walled off square known as Old Town. The Old Town itself is relatively small making walking and exploring easy and cheap! So take a walk and explore the many temples of Old Town Chiang Mai

Temples of old town Chiang Mai

It doesn’t take much of a walk from wherever your accommodation, before you stumble across some kind of temple. They are literally everywhere!

They’re all different and all have something special about them.

Temples of old town Chiang Mai

From huge golden stupas, to animals and of course buddha himself in all kinds of positions. There is so many to see, and if you ask me, they’re all worth seeing.

Temples of old town Chiang Mai

So take a day off travelling and take a walk, that’s what Carly and I did today

A slow stroll though Old Town, eating delicious northern Thailand food and drinking many a mango fruit shake! Going from temple to temple, no rushing around, just taking it all in and enjoying the peaceful nature of these places.

The majority of temples are free to visit minus the two main ones;

  • Wat Chiang Man, the oldest temple in Chiang Mai, dating from the 13th century.
  • Wat Phra Singh, within the city walls, dates from 1345, and offers an example of classic Northern Thai-style architecture.Although those two aren’t free they only cost a modest 40 Baht to enter and are way worth the money.

Temples of old town Chiang Mai

Also a few of the temples have something they call ‘Monk Chat’.

For a small fee, you can sit with a monk and ask any questions about buddhism/being a monk or anything else you desire. This opportunity works both ways, the monk gets to learn and practice his english and the traveller gets an insight into a different way of life.

Carly and I didn’t have a chat with a monk today, but I wish I did. I’m still in Chiang Mai for a few more days so who knows, maybe I will!

So if you have a spare day in Chiang Mai, this the perfect way to spend it.

If anyone has had a chat with a monk before I’d love to hear more about the experience!


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  1. I’m constantly reminded of the fact that despite living in the region and having been to Thailand three times, all of them were trips only to Bangkok. Friends of mine who have been to Chiang Mai said good things about the city, its wats, and the food. I’m most intrigued by fried flowers, though!

  2. Wonderfully written and very informative. Foreign travel from our dining table. So nice to spend an afternoon with you both

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