Carly and I recently spent 2 nights at Ba Danh Homestay in Ben Tre.

First Impressions

We didn’t really know what we’d had gotten ourselves in to when the taxi stopped at a tiny little concrete path, too big for a car to go down. We Waited there for 10 minutes unsure of what to do, till in the distance we saw a golf cart coming speeding down the path!

This was our ride to the homestay itself.

ben tre homestay

We were greeted by a very friendly Vietnamese guy, who loaded up the cart for us and began speeding his way through the jungle to his house.

Carly and I were kind of in shock, we hadn’t done our research on this place. Just saw it online and booked it. Ba Danh is a good way out of Ben Tre town itself, we had no idea it was so rural. We were starting to have regrets, but when we arrived, that soon changed.

It’s Beautiful!

It is very rural, but that’s what makes the place so amazing! It’s set next to a canal, surrounded by coconut palms. There are dogs, chickens, lizards and even squirrels all roaming around.


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The accommodation is basic. The walls in the rooms don’t go up to the ceiling, they provide a mosquito net for this reason. The toilets and showers are in a separate block, like what you’d get in a campsite. But they are all clean and add to the remote Mekong Delta experience!

The staff are very friendly! They don’t speak much english, but it’s easy enough to get by and they do more than enough to make you feel welcome.

Food is also available, no have a menu as such, more they ask you want you’d like and try to do their best to accommodate. So far we have had a Vietnamese chicken curry and a beef noodle soup, both of them delicious.

What To Do During You Stay

Well that’s the thing, you do nothing. Ben Tre town itself isn’t all that interesting, there isn’t much to do and not a whole lot to see.

Yet Ba Danh homestay is the absolutely perfect place to do nothing!

Carly and I have had a pretty hectic time recently, moving from place to place. So to sit down and literally do nothing for 2 days has been amazing. When I say nothing I mean catching up on work (this blog), reading and just kicking back.

I couldn’t think of a better place to do that than Ba Danh Homestay.

ben tre

With hammocks to lounge around in, and barely a sound, minus the birds and other animals. It’s just perfect!

They also have free bicycles to use and motorbikes for a small fee. Traditional bamboo fishing rods are available too if you fancy giving that a go, a plus is whatever you catch they’re happy to cook it up for you!

We tried but didn’t catch anything, very disappointing.

Final Thoughts

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our stay!

If you’re looking to take the weight off and unwind this is the perfect place for you. Surround yourself with nature, take time to relax and enjoy a true authentic Mekong Delta experience. A great spot to escape the craziness, for a reasonable price.

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Getting here is easy enough. Read our post on getting to Ben Tre from Ho Chi Minh City here.







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