After 2 nights relaxing and doing nothing in Ben Tre we set off on the second leg of our Mekong delta trip. Ben Tre to Can Tho.

Ben Tre Bus Station

The main bus station in Ben Tre is a little out of town, but still easy to find. Any taxi or accommodation will be able to get you there, just give them the name of the station ‘Ben Xe Ben Tre’ and you’re good to go!

The station itself is big, but not half as busy as the others we have visited. There is plenty of seating and also food and coffee available.

The destinations are handily displayed at the ticket office, along with prices so you know you’re not getting ripped off! Taxi and transport in general is the main way you’ll pay over the odds in Vietnam!

The trip cost us 70,000VND per person, which is very reasonable for a 2+ hour journey.

After parting with your money you’ll receive a ticket with a time and the bus number, keep a note of this one! The bus number tends to be the same as its registration plate, but some can be different.

We highly recommend getting to the station a little bit early. There are a lot of busses at the station, it may take a while to track down your bus number!

Our Bus

Our little blue bus certainly wasn’t the best in its class. She was old and decrepit. With bolt upright seats and only the warm breeze from the open windows. It was a long way from the bus we had only a few days before!

Read about our trip from Ho Chi Minh To Ben Tre here.

It felt like a long trip. Really it was only 2 hours and 30 minutes, but the minimal leg room, constant beeping and sweatiness of the ride made it feel longer.

Complaining aside, it wasn’t all bad.

They got us there in one piece, and the price was right! Bus travel in Vietnam is always a little hit and miss, and this was nowhere near as bad as a sleeper bus experience I had a few years ago!

So I still would recommend!

Arriving In Can Tho

We touched down in Can Tho, we were sweaty and a bit irritable, but good nonetheless.

Again, the station isn’t central, so you will have to sort out some transport to get to your accommodation from here.

Seconds after departing the bus we were swarmed by taxi and motorbike drivers trying to give us a ride. One or two so pushy to the point it’s uncomfortable.

My advice, walk away. Walk out of the bus station and onto the main road. On the main road we were able hail a metered taxi that only cost us 58,000VND to get to out hotel.


So that’s it! That is how to get from Ben Tre to Can Tho.

Not the best bus ride ever, but doing it yourself, at your own pace beats any tour!

Now we are in Can Tho for a few days.


What we did in Can Tho.


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