There is a whole lot of must try food in Dalat!

Known as the city of eternal spring due to its distinctive climate averaging only 14 – 23 °C. The region is an ideal place for agriculture.

Here they are able to grow many fruits and vegetables that are otherwise impossible to produce anywhere else in Vietnam.

There are heaps to try, and to try it all you’d need a good few weeks, so here are a few of our favourites!


food in dalat

Some of the biggest avocados I have ever seen! And so cheap, costing around 25,000 VND each.

And so so tasty! Perfect alongside the standard bread roll and eggs you get for breakfast at most hostels.

With the abundance of avocados in the region they’ve had to find uses from them. Around the city you will find everything from avocado smoothies to ice cream, personally I haven’t tried any of these but they must be good considering how popular they are!

These things are definitely a must try during your stay.

Banh Mi Xiu Mai

food in dalat

If you’ve ever been to Vietnam you must have tried banh mi.

But have you ever tried banh mi xiu mai? This version of the classic now takes its place as my all time favourite.

These pork meatballs simmering in a hot and spicy tomato sauce are just amazing! I could eat the whole pot if the vendor would let me.

Served either in a bowl with a bread roll on the side or market style, the meatballs and sauce crammed into a the roll. One is just never enough!

These are the cheapest and most delicious street food you can find with prices starting at only 15,000 VND!

It’s hard to explain what makes therm so good, and hard to describe the herby flavour of the broth.

Of all the food in Dalat this is my first choice.

You really really just have to try them!

Hot Soy Milk

food in dalat

When night-time temperatures get into the low teens, nothing goes down better than a big hot glass of soy milk. Pair that with one of the delicious doughnut like pastries you find around the city and it’s heaven.

Pastries are widely available in Dalat, a remnant of the French colonial past. With many street vendors and bakeries dotted around the city it’s a great place to appease that sweet tooth!

The drink is naturally sweet, but not overly sweet like we found in Thailand. There are a few variants of the drink from mung bean to peanut. Carly swears by the peanut one!

At 10,000 VND for a drink, and the same for a pastry you can’t not try them.

If you’re acclimatised to the South East Asian heat already and feel a little cold In the mountains, this hot soy milk treat is the cure!

Artichoke Tea

food in dalat

Another remnant of the colonial past. Dalat was built as a resort town by the French, and during this they bought over artichokes!

Dalat is the only place in Vietnam able to grow artichokes so they sure make the most of them!

The tea is oddly sweet and a little fruity, personally I (James) wasn’t a huge fan but Carly loved it!

With a long list of apparent health benefits you really can’t afford to not give it a go!

So that concludes a few our not to miss food in Dalat!

There’s plenty to tuck into in this quaint little mountain city!

We have hardly scratched the surface on our few days here and would love to spend a bit more time grazing around Dalat.


If you have any must tries, please let us know in the comments!





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