Hello all, and welcome to our blog!

Me (James) and Carly are a 25 year old travelling couple, that met June 2016 in the UK, where i was born. Carly is originally from Australia but i found her in England travelling and working.

We spent 6 months in England together before i quit my life. Got my working holiday visa, packed my bags and followed her back to Australia.

Since then we bought our VW camper van ‘GUS’ and spent a year in him travelling and working all over Australia. From working in bars to picking fruit, Driving through the empty baron outback to camping in lush green rainforests.

Miss you already Gus

Now its a new year (2018) and a new adventure. Which is what this blog is all about. We have both been into travelling for quite a while, between us covering a lot of Europe and Asia previous to meeting. Now together, as partners in crime we’re going off again!

So follow us on our adventure because if we can do it, so can you!